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My reason why, was because I wanted to ‘help’ and ‘show’ (top) athletes that you can always improve and push levels yourself.

I wanted to make others alert of that. I’ve seen it too many times. With former teammates or players I played against.
Great talents disappear.

Why? They simply didn’t demand enough of themselves. Because staying at the top not only requires talent. They didn’t set goals to achieve. Didn’t have that hunger to always get better and fitter. And now they’re having an office job.

I wanted to change that mentality with Amplify Sports. Because I never had that extraordinary talent myself. But I came this far by pushing levels myself. Working hard every day on my own to improve. Always looking for tools and training to get better, smarter and stronger. You have to do it alone. That’s the difficult thing, and the reason why so many top athletes disappear.

They think people will do everything for them. On a long-term, the answer is: NO. You must have that hunger, vision, dedication yourself. And with Amplify Sports Equipment we want to set an example of how a professional “should live” and want to deliver tools, a mindset, and a great service to make it easier for the individual. we want to make you aware of your potential.

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My reason why is simple I love sports and I have a history with injuries. During this injuries, I learned a lot about my body but also that there are so many ways to improve your physicality. Recovering quicker and new ways to train. In the end, you want to be the best version of yourself and no regrets.

Besides my career as a football player, I was looking for ways to develop myself. I always learned that knowledge is power. Combining sports and business is for me a way to challenge myself in different areas. And starting a company from the ground up would be a challenge with loads of lessons in sales, marketing, and building relationships. Also learning about ways to train and recover would enable me to help and advise others and develop myself.



My name is Bjorn Blauwhof. I am a full-time athlete in athletics and Dutch record holder on the 4x400m.

I participated at multiple EK’s, the Amsterdam 2016 EK is one of them.

I am always searching for the best products to perform better as a top athlete, so I can perform and recover better and get the most out of my career.

I was never able to find this in one place during my career until I got connected to Amplify Sports in 2018. I got the opportunity to work with Marc and Fabian as one of the first employees. The goal was to expand amplify to a bigger audience. This was such a great success, that I became co-owner of Amplify in October 2020. 

We always try to find the best products on the market as a team. As our goal is to help athletes to recover better and faster. And also to make them stronger and fitter.

My role in this is client contact and acquisition. And of course, making sure that our service is always at it’s best.