Amplify. New Year, New beginnings

We now stand on the edge looking forward to what’s about to come with a new year. Now is an excellent time to shed the old habits that have held you back from being your best self in the past year, and go into the New Year with only the best of you. A New Year is all about paving the way for new beginnings and goals.
But what is it about the New Year that gives us this positive outlook?
For starters, it has nothing to do with days passing by in a calendar. No, it comes from you. Your mind.
We have always associated a new year with Revival, Resurgence, and Recovery and that’s the driving force behind that optimism we feel as we near the start of another year. We are willing to let go of past mistakes and trauma, both physical and mental. We are willing to give healing a chance. We try to give the New Year our everything. It’s essentially a transformation from within you that brings about the change around you. It’s all about your own paradigm shift.
And so we realize, it isn’t the New Year that changes anything. It’s us who fuel the vigor behind the occasion. A new year on its own does not mean much.
Your mind is the most powerful tool there is, and when it’s your ally, nothing can break you, and every day can be seen as an opportunity for rediscovery if we desire. The transformation we speak of is nothing unusual to you, you’ve felt it before. You’ve felt it the day you decided to be a sportsperson, and you succeeded. It was a hard road and that’s why not many can come through. But you did. Give yourself credit for it!
You have come far in your journey based on your sheer will. But what got you from point A to B won’t take you from B to C. New goals, with the same old attitude, will not work. Every new version of you is going to be different. It needs to be better, wiser, and stronger. You need a plan for it. You can’t gamble with your health & training, and your rest & recovery anymore.

“The harder you work, the luckier you’ll get.” — Gary Player, retired Professional Golfer

Start your year right by holding yourself accountable for every careless mistake you did. Put yourself first, push your boundaries, set your goals to reach new heights, and stop at nothing! The purpose is to leave as little to fate as possible because destiny too rewards those with an unbreakably fierce spirit. Decide that you simply want to be unstoppable!
And remember to always begin with the end in mind. Strategize to achieve the greatness you desire and leave behind everything that drags you down.
You started for a reason. Let that remain in your head every day to remind you what burns your soul. That’s what truly matters to you.
Wish you a strong start to the year Champ!


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