• Structured surface for new stimuli
  • Average hardness
  • Vibration effect during fast rolling
  • Stronger massage effect


The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD has the same density level as the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, so it addresses a wide spectrum of applications. During fast rolling, the additional grooves on the surface cause a slight vibration effect, providing additional support for blood circulation of the tissues while warming up and stimulating the receptors in the connective tissues and muscles. The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD is particularly useful in performance sports.


The GROOVE STANDARD is characterized by a medium degree of hardness to specifically treat painful muscle tension and improve mobility. The only difference is that the GROOVE STANDARD of BLACKROLL ® does not have a smooth surface, but a structured surface. This grooved surface creates a vibration effect as soon as you perform the self-massage a little faster.


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