What can Flowpillow do for you?

The best compliment to human treatment on the market improve your blood circulation

Boost your circulation with infrared heat, the ultimate massage treatment.

Reduce tension

Remove your knots with trigger point massage for in-depth treatment.

Speed up recovery

Relieve your muscle soreness and manage more. Massage has repeatedly shown good results on inflammations associated with muscle soreness.


The Flowpillow massage from Flowlife is an absolute must-have item for your active life! The Portable massage pillow, inspired by sports massage. Provides effective whole-body treatment for muscle fatigue.

Previous clients of us who use the Flowpillow: Frank Rijkaard, Jetro Willems, David Neres, and many other top athletes.

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Why should you buy the Flowpillow heat?

In a fast-paced world full of change, we value the opportunity to take a break and relax. With Flowpillow heat you can do just that, and with its strong components, you can treat everything from stress to muscle knots – so that you can recover better.

We want to help you become a better version of yourself. And we want to make it financially easier for you to do so!
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